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[Biophoton images of plants]

Biophoton image of a germinating soybean

Picture of the sample

Biophoton image of a germinating soybean under intact condition. The bright region which corresponds to the hypocotyl area with higher activity of respiration, indicating that biophoton carry the information of activity of energetic metabolism of living cells.

Biophoton image of a wounded soybean

Cotyledon was mechanically injured as cross-shape by a knife.

The wounded region on the cotyledon of a soybean emits higher rate of biophoton rather than normal region. It is suggested to result in the accelalation of lipid peroxidation reaction by endogeneous H2O2-peroxidase system.

Biophoton image observed under the stimulation with root tip excision

 Root tip excision induces a temporal augmentation of biophoton intensity at the distant position of the root tip (c). It is suspected to be the reflection of activation of cellular metabolism to repair the wounded tissue and to protect the living body.
[Biophoton images of animals]

Biophoton images of rat's brain

Picture of the subject
(after the skin incision, biophoton was observed through the skull)

(normal condition)

(under the occlusion of blood flow into the brain)

 Biophoton images of rat's brain can be observed through the skull. Biophoton intensity is suppressed with occlusion of common carotid arteries that supply blood flow to brain tissue. Biophoton intensity correlates with EEG activity, suggesting the dependence of biophoton with energy metabolism of nerve cells.

 Oxidative stress induced under hyperoxia also leads to the increase of biophoton emission, indicating the relationship of biophoton with ROS production.


Biophoton image of a cancer transplanted mouse

Picture of the mouse. Tumor is located on the back.

Cancer transplanted mouse shows the enhancement of biophoton emission along with the growth of tumor. The correlation between biophoton intensity and growth rate is observed, representing the higher metabolic activity of cancer cells and the state of oxidative stress in cancer cells.

Biophoton image of human fingers

Biophoton image of human subjects can be also detected. Photon emission on the finger tip of this subject would be due to the effect of cigarette smoking. Biophoton imaging on human bodies has potential to offer the method determining the oxidative damage of skin.